Package: zdesktop (0.90.1249beta-hardy1)

Zimbra Desktop Installer

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Zimbra Desktop Installer is a third-party software. Add/Enable Canonical Partner Repositories to software source for install. Please see Adding Canonical Partner Repositories to get guidance.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop Edition is an open source email client that allows you to pull
all your accounts into one place. It is a powerful productivity tool allowing
important messages to be flagged wherever they arrive - and the best part might
be that it allows you to read them all off line without an Internet connection.

Installing this package will allow you launch the Zimbra installer directly
within Ubuntu and begin to consolidate your web mail and work accounts and
ease the burden that masses of email can be. There are stacks of other features
to discover as well.

Package: zdesktop
Version: 0.90.1249beta-hardy1
Repository: canonical
Section: partner