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simple tool for Ogg/Theora streaming written in GTK+2

Graphical user interface written using GTK+2 for Ogg/Theora video and audio
streaming over an Icecast2 system.

Theorur allows you to:
1) take a feed from your IEEE1394 DV port, or a DV channel/device on your DV
network. You could feed analog video through the A/V input on a DV camera;
2) use IceCast servers, so you can send to an Icecast receiver, or to a hired
IcesCast server hoster;
3) taylor it to your upload bandwidth capacity;
4) stream from your DV Camera, Firewire Sound Mixing desk (there a only a
few applications that work with firewire mixers in GNU/Linux) and firewire
DVD players.

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