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Skype is a third-party software. Please see the Adding the Repositories page and add/enable the Medibuntu Repositories to your software source for install.

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A VoIP software - Medibuntu package

Skype is a proprietary peer-to-peer Internet telephony (VoIP) software.
The Skype communications system is notable for its broad range of features,
including free voice and video conferencing, and its ability to use peer to
peer (decentralized) technology to overcome common firewall and NAT problems.

This package is in Medibuntu because it is not freely redistribuable.

This package isn't supported by Ubuntu: DON'T REPORT BUGS TO UBUNTU!

Please report any bug to our bug tracker instead:

This package contains the "standard" Skype variant.

Version (jaunty)
deb jaunty non-free

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