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smart common input method platform

Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) is an input method (IM) platform. Input
methods are needed to enter complex characters in many non-latin languages.
SCIM provides a common platform for various plugin modules and independent IM
programs, as well as a set of modules and programs on its own. It is highly
modularized and exposes abstract interfaces, so that plugin modules with
different functions can easily communicate with each other. The currently
supported module types are configuration, IM engine, front end, filter, and
setup GUI.

SCIM achieves the communication between IM engines and front ends through
both shared library linking and server/client mode. It supports XIM
protocol, as well as GTK+ IM module and Qt IM module.

This package is the main binary package of SCIM. It includes: the main
program scim (GTK+ based) and other support programs; simple configuration
module, X11 front end module, rawcode IM engine module,
simplified/traditional Chinese conversion filter module, and their
corresponding setup GUI modules; GTK+ panel and its setup GUI module; and a
GTK+ based setup tool.

SCIM is a well accepted platform and features various input method engines
for many languages. In Debian you can find the following separately packaged
IMs useful: scim-tables-{additional,ja,ko,zh}, scim-pinyin, scim-uim,
scim-m17n, scim-chewing, scim-anthy, scim-canna, scim-prime, and scim-skk.
GTK+ users would also find package scim-gtk2-immodule useful for GTK+ IM
module support.

For development on SCIM platform, please see the description of scim-dev

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