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usenet binary grabber for KDE

KLibido is a KDE program to download encoded articles from the usenet news
service, using the nntp protocol. It supports multiple servers, multiple
download threads per server, automatic joining and decoding of articles.

KLibido is not a newsreader. It doesn't let you easily display the articles,
only their subject, and it discards all non-binary posts. If you want a nice
newsreader for KDE, try KNode.

Features include:
- Getting the group list and subscribe to newsgroups
- Getting headers, sorting, filtering by subject, state and "completeness"
- downloading and decoding of binary posts (including yEnc).
- Queue management: it's possible to drag and drop items around in the
download queue to change the order of download, pause the queue, pause
and cancel the items in the queue.
- Server priorities and balancing
- Requeueing: if an article fails on a server, it is automatically tried on
the other servers.
- Viewing nfo's, covers, et al inside the program using kparts.
- Group categories and aliases
- .nzb support
- KLibido uses KDE and the KDE libraries for the interface, Berkeley DB for
storing the newsgroups' headers, and UUDeview for decoding the posts.

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