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Satellite tracking program

Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking program for GNOME, based on
the tracking engine of John Magliacane's excellent satellite tracker Predict.

Gpredict includes the following features:

* Tracking an infinite number of satellites only limited by the
physical memory and processing power of the computer.
* Display the tracking data in lists, maps, polar plots and any
combination of these.
* You can have many modules open at the same either in a
notebook or in their own windows. The module can also run in
full-screen mode.
* You can use many ground stations. Ground station coordinates
can either be entered manually or you can get some appriximate values
from a list with more than 2000 predefined locations worldwide.
* Predict upcoming passes for satellites, including passes where a
satellite may be visible and communication windows
* Very detailed information about both the real time data and the
predicted passes.
* Gpredict can run in real-time, simulated real-time (fast forward and
backward), and manual time control.
* Doppler tuning of radios via Hamlib rigctld.
* Antenna rotator control via Hamlib rotctld.

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