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interactive mathematical programming environment

Euler is a powerful numerical laboratory with a programming language.
The system can handle real, complex and interval numbers, vectors and
matrices. It can produce 2D/3D plots.

Euler features among other things:
* real, complex and interval scalars and matrices
* a programming language, with local variables, default values for
parameters, variable parameter number, passing of functions
* two and three dimensional graphs
* marker plots
* density and contour plots
* animations
* numerical integration and differentiation
* statistical functions and tests
* differential equations
* interval methods with guaranteed inclusions
* function minimizers (Brent, Nelder-Mean)
* simplex algorithm
* interpolation and approximation
* finding roots of polynomials
* fast Fourier transform (FFT)
* an exact scalar product using a long accumulator
* PostScript graphics export

This package contains the main program. Documentation for Euler is included
in the euler-doc package.

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