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zapping Zapping TV Viewer

television viewer for the GNOME environment

15,137 users

mixxx Mixxx

Digital Disc Jockey Interface

45,357 users

xfburn Burn Image (xfburn)

CD-burner application for Xfce Desktop Environment

37,276 users

streamtuner streamtuner

A GUI audio stream directory browser

50,266 users

gnusound GNUsound

multitrack sound editor for GNOME

13,553 users

mandvd ManDVD

simple Video DVD creator

25,540 users

gamix ALSA Mixer

Graphical sound mixer for ALSA

22,458 users

openmovieeditor Open Movie Editor

a simple non-linear video editor

31,963 users

ogmrip DVD Encoder OGMRip

Application for ripping and encoding DVD

34,571 users

lastfm Last.fm

a music player for Last.fm personalized radio

59,131 users

tuxguitar tuxguitar

Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player (gp3 to gp5)

25,470 users

xawtv XawTV

television viewer - X11 application

45,058 users

oggconvert OggConvert

convert media files to free formats

40,511 users

hipo Hipo iPod Management Tool

iPod Management Tool

20,083 users

xfmpc Xfmpc

graphical GTK+ MPD client

1,244 users

aconnectgui Aconnectgui

graphical ALSA sequencer connection manager

38,874 users

thoggen Thoggen DVD Ripper

DVD backup utility based on GStreamer and Gtk+

38,946 users

abraca Abraca XMMS2 Client

A simple and powerful graphical client for XMMS2

6,035 users

vkeybd Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

40,806 users

moovida Moovida Media Center

The Moovida media center application

13,731 users